Sergio Recabarren (1984)
Freelance Documentary and 
Editorial Photographer 
based in Santiago

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︎Santiago, Chile
(population: 5.614 million)

Sergio’s photography combines two essential ingredients: realism and meditation. They nourish one another in a fluid motion, similar to that of a pendulum swing. Sergio takes us on a journey from the outside world to an inner contemplation.

Dedicated to realism, the young Chilean photographer uses exclusively Leica gear. He worships the object and this brand of excellence which is an integral part of his signature. Shooting with a Leica makes him part of a visual universe and an inner circle of photographers. Sergio’s priority is to capture reality in its most vibrant and vivid expression, so he adapts to the light and each given situation. He doesn’t wait for a better moment or better light, he just decides to be present to what is happening here and now. He fully immerses himself in his surroundings, landscape, nature and in his encounters with local people. He observes and absorbs everything and shifts from active contemplation to a state of meditation. His tools: a sharp eye and an open mind. His work is deeply rooted in his accute sensitivity.

An expert in electronic music, he enjoys the latest underground Berlin sounds as well as great romantic composers such as Debussy or Chopin. With the same ease, he switches between genres and realities, from a road trip deep in the Amazon rainforest, meeting local Indegenous communities on a journey to the origins of cocoa (Casa Cacao — book, 2018) to documenting a luxury hotel, jewel of contemporary Chilean architecture.

His unique approach and high standards have caught the attention of the international press (French magazines Air France Madame — Condénast group and Sport & Style) and highly talented clients (Michelin starred chef Jordi Roca). Because beyond his ability to adapt, Sergio has another important quality: his considerate attention to his client’s expectations.

Text by Sabine Bouvet